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Enjoy Your Photos!


Nicole Olds

Certified Photo Manager

My name is Nicole Olds and what I love about what I do is that it helps clients with a problem they can't fix themselves - it makes them (and me) so happy!

Who doesn’t love happy?

I’ve always taught my son - now all grown up - that everyone is important in this life, everyone. So it's no surprise that I believe everyone needs to be able to share their memories and know that they are safe and have been preserved in a way that is useful to future generations. You are important and they are going to want to know about you!

Trying to get my own photos organized presented the same insurmountable problems for me as they do for you. But then, I found the Photo Managers, and with their support - figured out a system taming the madness and my images are now housed in 2 regular photo-safe boxes, 1 outsize box and one 4” x 2” external hard drive - with the appropriate backup. They are all available for family and friends to view in private online galleries AND I’ve created one legacy gallery that contains all the priceless photos for instant access.  [see a demo]

The minute I finished working on my own archive I knew I could bring my love of photos and my technical skills to work for others. I want everyone’s photo collection to look like mine! It’s just such a great feeling to get this done and to experience the fun of going through your photos rather than frustration and anxiety over ‘the boxes’ in the basement. 

So that’s how I got started - and that’s why I want to do this for you.

Nicole O.

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