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Remote Organizing

Your project gets done and you stay safe!

Remote organizing is done via screen sharing and one additional process by which you allow me to temporarily take control of your mouse and simply work on your photos on your computer as if I was there with you. 


This whole process can be accomplished on Zoom or similar - Zoom having recently become far more familiar to most of us than it was in 2019. 


The process happens in three stages:

  1. You book an online session directly from this website. I will send you a few questions and also a prep sheet of things that need to be completed before our session. It's designed to help you gather all your digital images so that we can get the maximum amount of work accomplished during the session itself. 

  2. During the session we screen share and you allow me to take over your mouse while you assist in a variety of ways. 

  3. Once I've gathered all your images the deduplicatoin and sorting process begins. This can take up to three weeks depending on how many photos you have. Most clients have upwards of 15,000. When I'm done you'll have a chronological archive of ALL your digital images - remember this will not just be a copy of whatever is on your phone. This archive will be safely backed up to the cloud service of your choice (I'll go through the choices with you.)

After that your images will be available to search and share in many ways - I'll discuss the options that suit you in our initial meeting so that I'm always working toward a goal that works for you.


Also after that - no more digital mess! Training and/or support will be available. It's super easy but I'm happy to do it for you if your prefer. The cost for quarterly maintenance is $60 per hour. 



The cost for remote organizing your (thousands of) digital images is $500, 50% payable at the time of booking. 

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