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Ditch Photo Stress

Looking for help with your photo overwhelm?

Want to get your whole collection organized but have no idea where to start?

Check out my services to see how we can finally get this done, and you can book that trip down memory lane . . .



Hi, I'm Nicole Olds, owner of

Tackling your photo organization is a big step requiring both a solid plan and the range of skills required to get the job done.


As a certified photo manager I have the skills and experience to tame the chaos so you can enjoy a beautifully organized photo archive that's safe and secure, easy to access, easy to share and easy to maintain. I promise you it can be done!






*actual quotes from literally everyone having fun looking at their old photos

Looking to leave the chaos behind

and finally enjoy your photos?


Why is it so hard to tackle your photo collection?

Anyone wanting to organize their photos faces 3 challenges...

Planning challenge: 

Prints, doubles, slides, negatives, frames...

Where do you even start? How will you store them in the end?

Client action: Return photos to the closet.

Technological challenge: 

Too many photos on too many devices.

Paralyzing digital overwhelm. 

Client action: Never delete anything. Add to pile daily. 


Emotional challenge: 

Distracted by trips down memory lane. 

Impossible to throw out/delete pics of loved ones. 

Client action: Uh-oh. Back in the closet they go. 

Photo Manager

Here's what I can do for you . . .

       As a certified Photo Manager:


  • I have a PLAN for your photos

  • I have the TECHNICAL skills to execute it

  • I have the EXPERIENCE needed to guide you through your project from the first photo to the last.

  • I offer TRAINING or a MAINTENANCE SERVICE for future photos - so there'll be NO "REGRESS TO THE MESS"!

maintenance session is 


If you're tired of boxes in the basement, not enough space on your phone (or in the basement), vague worries about LOSS to fire, flood or power surge, a photo collection of screenshots and forever scrolling trying to find the ONE photo you want . . .

Click HELP!


"So much like your mom!"


"Wow, I'd forgotten about that!"

What Happy Clients Say

“I'm so happy now that my photos are organized - I truly never thought I'd live to see the day - but now I can find whatever I want, whenever I want.”

Lisa H. - Thornbury

“I'm a current client of Nicole's. I can't believe she has taken all our digital photos - applied some kind of magic - and found and deleted 5000 duplicates. Plus they are finally all properly backed up - the peace of mind alone is worth it.”

Christine L. - Creemore

“Money well spent!.”

Workshop participant :)

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