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Here's the GOAL . . .

ONE archive - print  and  digital

SAFE from fire, water, hard drive failure

Which you can SEARCH in SECONDS

And SHARE privately with family and friends.


I offer 3 great ways for you to ditch that photo stress!

Your entire photo collection organized. Post project training and/or maintenance available. 

Your entire digital photo collection organized remotely - you get to stay home! Post project training and/or maintenance available.



Premium scanning services offered for those who wish to tackle their projects on their own and just need high resolution scans that won't harm their photos. 

The Works
"The Works"
Print & Digital

All your photos:

  • consolidated

  • deduplicated

  • organized

  • backed up

  • properly identified

  • easy to search

  • easy to share

Photo stress conquered! 

"Stay Home"
Remote Digital

For this super convenient remote service I use screen sharing to work with you to organize all your photos using your own computer. 

The final result?


One secure archive, and an end to all the digital photo chaos!

Premium Quality

Advantages of camera scanning:

  • High resolution

  • High speed

  • High quality

  • Damage-free meaning your precious photos aren’t sent through machines with rollers or crushed under scanner lids.

Nicole baby young and school years-56-2.

What Happy Clients Say

“I'm so happy now that my photos are organized - I truly never thought I'd live to see the day - but now I can find whatever I want, whenever I want.”

Lisa H. - Thornbury

“I'm a current client of Nicole's. I can't believe she has taken all our digital photos - applied some kind of magic - and found and deleted 5000 duplicates. Plus they are finally all properly backed up - the peace of mind alone is worth it.”

Christine L. - Creemore

“Money well spent!.”

Workshop participant :)

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