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Better iPhone Photography in 55 minutes

Welcome TPM Conference attendees!

No doubt you are here for that quick tour through better photography basics I promised as part of my Digital Photo Diet presentation. This talk is the first in a series I recorded for my local library in 2020 - it will remain available for viewing until April 30.

Apologies in advance for the sound of my computer fan that you can hear throughout the recording - I'm not a video expert and didn't realize it was recording the fan until I finished the hour. It takes quite a lot of effort to record a one hour video without messing up and I'm not skilled at editing video so I didn't re-record. I don't think it's a deal-breaker but wanted to acknowledge that it is a bit of distraction at the beginning.

Hopefully you'll find it worth it to persevere and these tips will help you improve your photography and also in the spirit of the talk, help you to understand when it's just not worth clicking the shutter. Enjoy!

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