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Case Study: Remote digital organizing


  • Young mom with 2 children, mix of images on a mix of Apple, PC and Microsoft OneDrive - total approx 16,000 images.


  • Scattered photos containing suspected duplicates, difficult to search and also taking up a lot of storage space on various devices, including a laptop the client wished to resell or recycle

  • Client identified photo organization as something that had been on her to-do list for years but that she hadn't had the 'knowledge or software' to figure it out.

  • This was during Covid - there are 2 provinces between us and we have never met in person.


  • To create an organized and deduplicated archive of all the client’s photos - one that would be easy to search without having to scroll. To clean all the photos from the various devices and set up a reliable backup system once the library was complete.


  • Run deduplication software - this alone eliminated 3,000 photos. Further culling reduced the library to around 7,000 photos

  • Keywords or tags were added to all the final images so that they can be found via search rather than scroll. After identifying all the important family members via Zoom session with the client I ran face recognition - and added names and synonyms to the entire library.

  • Finally - via remote connection - I replaced the client's old photo library overnight after which we worked in tandem to erase all her old files, freeing up all the space on her old devices.


  • Happy client :)

"Nicole was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Not only did she get my photo library organized and functional, she worked with me to pinpoint tools that would work best for me to keep a handle on my digital library going forward. I’m very glad I invested in her services, it was a huge project made manageable under her patient guidance."

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