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Let's talk about Photo Hygiene!

Photo hygiene?

Come on. You know what I mean, who doesn’t want a clean camera roll? We all have to try hard to keep a mountain of trash from burying the nuggets of gold in our photo collections.

That said, instead of draconian deleting, I’m talking about keeping a cleaner camera roll BEFORE you start shooting.

If you take screenshots as website reminders and lots of shots for work that do not belong in your photo collection here’s what I suggest:

  1. Use Pinterest for the website reminder screenshots. With Pinterest you can easily create PRIVATE boards for saving websites to your heart’s content. The articles or images you save will link back to their original websites in a much more useful way than just screenshotting (screenshooting?) them. Pinterest is free, works on both IOS and Android platforms and can be synced to all your devices so your boards are always available.

  2. Use the Camera+ app for work-related photography. You can set this app so that it doesn’t automatically save photos to your camera roll, making it easy for you to keep them separate and go through and delete them when they are no longer relevant. (You can still save individual images to your camera roll if you happen to take a real keeper.)

Using both of these will really help you keep the junk out of your camera roll.

Keep it clean, practicing good photo hygiene!

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