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Swiffer Your Screenshots!

(This tip is for Apple Photos on the iPhone)

Screenshots are one of the worst offenders when it comes to cluttering up your camera roll.

It’s a really good idea to delete them whenever you have a free moment, or you’re waiting in line. These next steps take advantage of the Album feature in the Photos app. The more often you repeat them the easier it will be to clean them up and throw them out.

  1. Open the Photos App

  2. Select ‘Albums’ bottom right of your screen next to ‘Search’

  3. Scroll down past ‘My Albums’, ‘Shared Albums’ and ‘People & Places’ until you get to ‘Media Types’

  4. Under ‘Media Types’ you’ll see a number of automatic collections, one of which is Screenshots.

  5. Tap on screenshots to see them all in one place, making it really easy to check and delete them either one by one, or by hitting ‘Select’ top right and then ‘Select All’ top left.

How cool is that?

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