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Here's how your project gets done!


You book a free call with me - we'll discuss your project, your motivation and your specific or non-specific goals for your photo collection. You will inevitably think yours is going to be the worst photo mess I've ever seen and I'll reassure you that it won't :)


Usually but not always a visit to the client's home so I can accurately assess the scope of your entire project. I'll then be able to provide you with a detailed personalized plan of organizing action. Currently home visits aren't allowed, so we'll be meeting via Zoom or similar. We'll be able to cover all the same ground - in some ways it's more efficient :) Cost: For this step, including the plan design, I charge $60 an hour, for an estimated 3 hours. 50% being due before the meeting.


Once you receive and sign off on the plan, we'll create a timeline and begin the process of ending your photo guilt and stress and getting things organized one and for all. I can't give you a cost at this point, as it isn't possible to estimate what I can't see. However I will share that projects such as these start at around $500 and up. If, at this point, you decide the timing isn't right for you, then I will still leave you with the detailed plan so you'll now how to proceed with your photo organization at a later date. The costs of not organizing Sure it might be cheaper to just stick your photos back in the closet once again. But from experience it's wise to consider the cost of NOT going through this one-time organization process.

  • There's the obvious slight risk from fire or water damage or even just general deterioration. There's a much higher risk of losing improperly backed up digital photos.
  • There's the fact that your digital overwhelm will just continue as you take more and more photos, creating duplicates and bursts along the way.
  • Finally, there's, to my mind, the greatest loss of all, and the reason my website is named what it is, and that's the opportunity of never getting to enjoy or share your photos because you can't find the ones you want.

There are three steps to a beautifully organized photo collection...

maintenance session is 


Every client is different but in general, here's what you have to look forward to:


Photo-safe archival boxes of your treasured prints, clearly labelled with dates and meaningful folder names.


These photos will have been scanned and included in your digital archive, which will be similarly organized.



Maintaining your future photos is equally as important as organizing your old ones. Fortunately, the fact that you now have an organized archive with protocols in place makes future upkeep super easy. 

You can either choose to have me train you to do your own maintenance or if you’d prefer to hire me to do your maintenance for you on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. [Quarterly is good]


For most clients - it takes 2-3 hours for me to go in remotely and keep your archive as beautiful and accessible as the day I left. 


The cost of this maintenance service is $60 per hour. 

Oh yes, and the first maintenance session is always free :)