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Get all your photoshoots under control!

I use a super high-quality 50MP SLR and lens combination to scan your photos, slides, negatives and memorabilia. This is a great setup for taking the highest quality scans at the fastest possible speeds. (For reference most smartphone cameras are 12MP).

Of course, the high resolution is great but as far as digitizing photos go, it's the speed that it the key to bringing in a quality project at a reasonable price. With a camera setup, it's possible to scan 500 photos in an hour - something that just isn't possible with even the most high-end consumer scanners. 

Added to that, your photos aren't fed through a scanner with rollers, that can harm some photos - especially if they jam. Such machines should also be cleaned frequently as the machines dust which then causes dots and streaks on your photos. 

I'm also able to shoot your memorabilia and outsize items as they are not required to fit under a lid. 


Finally, for all scanning projects, I can quickly and easily 'develop' your images - cropping and editing so they look their best without sacrificing speed. Suppliers usually charge extra for this premium-style service but mine is included in my regular price. 


The price per scanned item is $0.25 per piece.


Shipping Address

The address to ship to from within Canada is:

13 Conservation Way, Collingwood, ON L9Y 0G9


See the Safe Shipping & Covid section in the FAQ for more details. 

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