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Hi, I'm Nicole Olds, owner of

Tackling your photo organization is a big step requiring both a solid plan and the range of skills required to get the job done.


As a certified photo manager, I have the skills and experience to tame the chaos so you can enjoy a beautifully organized photo archive that's safe and secure, easy to access, easy to share and easy to maintain. I promise you it can be done! (see demo gallery)

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*Actual quotes from literally everyone having fun looking at their old photos


If you're tired of boxes in the basement, not enough space on your phone (or in the basement), vague worries about a loss to fire, flood or power surge, a photo collection of screenshots and forever scrolling to find the one photo you want..

I'm here to help

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"So much like your mom!"


I'd forgotten about that!"

“I'm so happy now that my photos are organized - I truly never thought I'd live to see the day - but now I can find whatever I want, whenever I want.”

Lisa H. - Thornbury

“I'm a current client of Nicole's. I can't believe she has taken all our digital photos - applied some kind of magic - and found and deleted 5000 duplicates. Plus they are finally all properly backed up - the peace of mind alone is worth it.”

Christine L. - Creemore

Thanks so much Nicole for sharing some of your amazing skills. I’m looking forward to practising a lot of them. I learned a tremendous amount in taking the course. The last week was exactly what I wanted to learn.

R. Heald - Collingwood

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