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Whether I am managing your photos or helping you to manage your own, the goal is always to finish with ALL your photos being simplified. Organized into a single archive that's secure from potential disaster (fire, water, hard drive failure), easy to access and easy to share.


I have three great ways for you to ditch that photo stress! 




Print & Digital Organizing
"The Works"

Imagine how you'll feel when all your photos have been:

  • consolidated

  • deduplicated

  • organized

  • backed up

  • properly named and tagged &

  • shared, maybe in galleries like this

and your photo stress is gone forever!

more about how this works . . .





digital images

scrapbook pages 

photo albums



The Works
Remote Digital Organizing
"Stay Home"

For this super convenient global service I work with you to organize all your digital photos via screen sharing and using your own computer. 

After ditching the duds and duplicates I will create one digital archive that will be properly backed up to your favourite cloud service. So awesome!

more about how this works . . .

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 12.53.12

digital images &  videos from your smartphone, old phones, laptops, hard drives, USB keys, DVD, CD's etc.

Premium Quality
Damage-free Scanning

Why damage free? Because I use high quality camera equipment so your precious photos aren't sent through machines with rollers or crushed under scanner lids. 

Additionally the camera scans at super high resolution meaning large print sizes will be available if you need them. 

Your photos are given white glove service (literally I wear white gloves) and are returned in their original state.

Best of all, camera scanning takes a fraction of the time of any other scanner so the premium service is available at regular scanning prices.

more about how this works . . .


high quality camera scanning with no rollers or platens so your treasured photos are preserved accurately and safely


What Happy Clients Say

“I'm so happy now that my photos are organized - I truly never thought I'd live to see the day - but now I can find whatever I want, whenever I want.”

Lisa H. - Thornbury

“I'm a current client of Nicole's. I can't believe she has taken all our digital photos - applied some kind of magic - and found and deleted 5000 duplicates. Plus they are finally all properly backed up - the peace of mind alone is worth it.”

Christine L. - Creemore

“Money well spent!.”

Workshop participant :)

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