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#2: What does a Photo Manager do?

I mentioned several types of software in my prior post. Six of them relate to the organization and management of Apple Photos.

You might remember (but probably don't) that Apple Photos used to be called iPhoto - and indeed many of us still call it that or use iPhoto and Apple Photos interchangeably.

While upgrading to the new Apple Photos program, users were asked if they wanted to delete the old iPhoto program.

99% (or so it seems to me) of us said 'hell no' because it felt like we might be deleting photos - and nobody wanted to risk doing that

The result was that on so many of our old machines there lurks this file - iphoto.library - or something similar.

It's a file you should not delete, but which also probably will not open as macs no longer run iPhoto. 🤷‍♀️

So, finally, we get to where the photo manager comes in, because photo managers are familiar with the programs required to deal with these old libraries - often recovering precious photos, and also run deduplication software to determine if there are duplications between these old libraries and your current Apple Photos library.

Confused? I'm not surprised! That's why it's a good idea to locate a photo manager near you - and have them deal with your precious photos while keeping them safe at the same time. Or - get in touch with me - as I can do this whole process remotely.

You can just chill on the couch!


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