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Adobe Lightroom ‘sanity’ settings - two useful settings I'd go nuts without :)

1) Solo Mode

This is the mode that closes one section in any Lightroom panel as soon as you open another. No more scrolling to the bottom of a panel and back up again when all the sections are open at once.

Solo mode can be turned on by right-clicking in the blank grey area of any section heading.

2) Auto Advance

This setting helps you advance quickly through the filmstrip when you are using the keyboard to flag your photos. For example if you’re using P to pick, or X to delete, or 1-5 to give your photos star rating, as soon as you hit a key - such as the P key - Lightroom will automatically advance you to the next photo in the strip.

To turn on Auto Advance you’ll need to be in the Library module, click on Photo in the menu at the top and then scroll down to - you guessed it - Auto Advance.

If you’re a Lightroom user - these are must haves!

So simple and so great :)

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