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Mystery solved! Deleting old email addresses in Apple Mail

Yeah I know this isn’t photo related but scads of us get those ‘please switch to my new email address’ messages but don’t really know how to get rid of the old one.

It’s just annoying as it should be easy - but it’s not. (Well it is easy, but it’s not at all intuitive.)

Here’s what to do…

  1. In Apple Mail, go up to the top and click WINDOW

  2. Scroll down to PREVIOUS RECIPIENTS (who knew, right?)

  3. A dialog box will open and you’ll see it contains all the names and emails currently stored in Apple Mail.

  4. There will be way more than you have in your Contacts app, and you can tell if an email address is also in your Contacts by the appearance of a tiny ‘contacts’ icon to the left of any name.

  5. Use the search box to find (and click to select) the name/email address you want to get rid of.

  6. Select ‘Remove From List’ and tada! You are done!

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